The Dragonborn Caravan

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Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias, Simone Friday 22 March 2013 1.650 XP in 6 hours

Let me tell you the tale of the newly arrived dragonborns. They have travelled nearly 1.000 leagues from Mount Olympus to reach the Septarchy of Cimmeria. Led by Prince Alduin Bharah, the dragonborns seem to be trying to form some kind of diplomatic bond between their dragon kingdom and Cimmeria. When they arrived to the human capital of Fallcrest, they were unable to gain an audience with the High Septarch Nimozaran the Green, because the wizard was currently attending political meetings at the Maestia near Winterhaven about 50 leagues NE of the capital.

The five dragonborns prepared their wagon and horse for the journey, and joined another caravan consisting of two elves, two dwarves, a wagon and a horse owned by three humans, a human guard, and two half-elven guards. The convoy departed from the human capital of Fallcrest and followed the newly paved East Road along the Eridanian Lake.

On the seventh day, only a few leagues from the city of Winterhaven, the convoy was ambushed. It was a beautiful and peaceful spring afternoon, and the convoy was just leaving the last pieces of farmlands, starting to climb into the Cairngorm Hills with rocks and trees on both sides of the road, when a horde of orcs and goblins came rolling over an adjacent cliff wall. With spears gripped in their hands they yelled "For Sinruth! For the Red Spear!". Two guards and one of the elves were skewered by the four initial orcs. The dragonborn prince Alduin along with the two half-elven guards Belian Duskwalker and Jenanso Qui Zhan quickly came to the defence of the remaining dragonborns. The dwarves, humans and the remaining elf fled while the orcs stole the human rear wagon. As the hordes of orcs and goblins kept coming, reinforcement arrived as two lone adventurers joined the battle, a half-orcish warlock by the name of Balmung and an eladrin bladesinger by the name of Quinthica. Together they cut down the orcs and goblins as fast as they came, but the goblins were still able to set fire to the dragonborn wagon.

Prince Alduin quickly helped everyone off the wagon, which had been used as a battleground against a number of orcs that were trying to steal it. When his dragonborn companions were safe and fleeing the ambush, Alduin found himself alone on a burning wagon. The horse noticed and in a fury of panic it bolted. Clearly unable to leave the wagon unharmed, he decided to mount his horse and turn the wagon around, using it as a weapon to trample, crush, and burn his enemies.

Out of nowhere an orc came flying from the ridge and tackled Alduin off his horse. A goblin came running around and speared the dragonborn prince to the ground. He was saved, however, by the guards Belian and Jenanso, and by the adventurers Balmung and Quinthica.

The ambush had been thwarted and the Red Spear orcs, Sinruth's orcs, only left the battle with one wagon and killing three people. A patrol of Ametian soldiers arrived from Winterhaven, starting to question Balmung first before tending to Alduin's wounds and gathering more information about what had happened. Suddenly, the last wave of the Red Spear orcs came charging around the ridge. A large ogre pulling a wagon with two orcs on it attacked the recovering convoy. One of the orcs was throwing spears while the other was lighting casks and handing it to the ogre, who then threw these bombs. Luckily he was lousy at aiming, and the explosion simply forced the Ametian soldiers into a defensive stance where they prepared to slay the ogre if it kept charging towards them.

Alduin and Belian, however, did not fear the ogre and charged. With the aid from Jenanso and the magical aid from Balmung, they took up the fight with the ogre and the two orcs. Quinthica stepped through the veil between the fairy world and the mortal world to flank the ogre and attack the orcs on the wagon while Balmung ignited the remaining casks on the wagon. With a final blow, Alduin felled the ogre who fell backwards into the burning wagon and on top of the orcs. Everyone fled from the burning wreckage that was about to blow, except for Alduin, who simply turned towards the Ametian soldiers and walked away from an exploding wagon.

They continued their journey to Winterhaven where they all celebrated a great victory at Wrafton's Inn, except for Jenanso, who clearly saw the real threat that Sinruth's orcs were posing. He found his way to the Warrior's Guild where he reported the events to Lieutenant Sam. The remaining evening continued long into the night with tales of adventures, drinking and dancing, forgotten drunken actions, and most likely some fornication since Alduin and Belian woke up with naked women in their beds the next morning.

Some time, during the night, the eladrin Quinthica sought refuge from the loud noises of Wrafton's by going to the temple, which is dedicated to both Avandra, the Angel of Luck and Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. Here she found Sister Linora tending to a wounded orc. Apparently, the dragonborn caravan was not the only one ambushed. She was given sanctuary within the temple and could meditate there until they put the orc in stocks on the Market Square the next morning.

When it was time, Quinthica returned to Wrafton's Inn and woke up a hung over half-orcish Balmung who had been drinking fairy wine and experience some forgotten drunken episode. She used Balmung to speak with the orc in his native tongue, trying to convince him to reveal additional information about Sinruth and the rest of the orcish clan. This took quite a while since the orc wasn't really cooperative. It wanted its freedom, something that neither Balmung nor Quinthica could promise it. While they were interrogating the captured orc, Jenanso arrived during sunrise. Together they convinced the orc to draw a crude map for them, which Jenanso brought to the Warrior's Guild while Balmung started to investigate what had happened during the night.

At the Warrior's Guild, Jenanso met with Captain Kelfem, Lieutenant Sam, and their apparent superior. They were all very busy, but Jenanso got their attention by revealing that they had gathered information from the orc. The apparent superior decided that an audience with the dragonborn caravan was in order, maybe these could help the city of Winterhaven. He told Jenanso to gather everyone and he would discuss recent events with them.

Before gathering his travelling companions, Jenanso had promised Quinthica to introduce her to Landra, one of the owners of R&L Trading, the largest merchant company in all of Aresia, owned and run by two eladrin sisters. Within the shop, they encountered a happy little kobold, who was distracting them by attempting to sell them a variety of items. They easily convinced the kobold to fetch Landra.

A beautiful 1m80 thin eladrin woman came through the door. She seemed very young, had very long fine silver hair and complete violet eyes. Like all other eladrin she had no pupils and her skin was soft and fair. There was no mistaking the forest motif woven into her eladrin clothes, this was clearly a powerful magical feyleather armour specifically crafted for a priestess of Melora, the Angel of the Wild. Her religious preference was confirmed by the seashell necklace that she bore around her neck, the symbol of Melora, one of the two necklaces she was wearing. The other was a beautiful light blue eladrin amulet. She also wore an eladrin metal headband, a magical circlet of some kind. Her jewels and magical items didn't stop there. Her clothes were bound by a large leather belt of some other design. She wore eladrin gloves, bracers, and boots that matched the beauty, price, and magic of her clothes and remaining gear. She most likely had much more power, but these were not something she bore around her own place.

Quinthica was searching for her father's lost ring, and Landra agreed that she would look into it, asking the eladrin and half-elf to return one week later. For some reason, their agreement made the two adventurers uneasy. Even though Landra seemed peaceful and calm, there was something dark and powerful about her. Before they left the shop, Jenanso inquired about Landra's prices on magical items. Landra gave him a price and told him to return when he could afford to pay her for her services.

While Balmung was talking to the dwarven blacksmith of Winterhaven, Quinthica had woken up and fetched Alduin and Belian. They were talking to the captured orc, who was being humiliated by two children that were throwing tomatoes at it. Alduin turned to the children and said "This is what happens to bad guys." and then turned around and buried his axe in the orcs skull. The Ametian guards quickly took action, tackling the dragonborn prince and brought him to the barracks for disturbing the peace.

Within the barracks, Alduin had the opportunity to have a private conversation with Lord Padraig, leader of Winterhaven, before the remaining adventurers were brought into the room. Lord Padraig was not too impressed by the adventurers before him, but apparently neither the Ametian soldiers or the militia were being very productive in finding a group of a dozen captives from another caravan ambush that had happened at the same time. He had also sent word to gather the Heroes of Winterhaven, but these seem busy with some kind of elemental war effort within Daedaloth, the Land of the Dead. The heroes before him were the only ones that could truly help him, and also the only ones with a map.

Lord Padraig decided that if the adventurers could save the captives from the other caravan ambush, he would reward them each with 40 gold coins, and attempt to grant Balmung an audience with Lord Berrian of Shadowfell Keep, and grant Alduin an audience with the High Septarch Nimozaran the Green at the Maestia.

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