Castle Rivenroar

Players Date Stats
Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias Friday 13 April 2013 1.525 XP in 7 hours

Let me tell you the tale of my rescue. My father, the Lord of Winterhaven, hired a group of adventurers. With a map that they had acquired from a captured orc, my sister Karyn led the adventurers through the wilderness of the Cairngorm Hills. They travelled half a dozen leagues through the hilly and wild borderland.

Around sundown they arrived at their destination. The orc had lied and given the adventurers a false map. It led them to a small canyon, an obvious place for an ambush. The fool of a dragonborn simply marched straight into the trap, into the canyon where these reptilian beasts came out of the ground and quickly forced him to the ground. The rest of the party charged in to help. One of the half-elves almost fell down a sinkhole but was quick on his feet, unlike the half-orc who fell down another sinkhole nearby. The whole canyon was unstable. The half-orc and half-elf, however, made it to Alduin the dragonborn and ensured his survival while my sister held the line of beasts with the help of a magical sphere of fire. When she deemed it safe, she rolled the sphere into the midst of the Kirthiks, which made them disperse in all directions. The two adult Krithiks attempted to flee when they were wounded, but one of them was slowed and killed. Karyn tried to hunt down the other one but instead ended up disturbing a nest of hatchlings, that she quickly slew with the help from the sorcerer Jenanso.

The party fell back and set up camp. During Jenanso's watch, he notcied something strange and investigated. His search revealed the nearby ruins of Rivenroar Castle with flags and banners with a red spear pointing upwards, the sigil of the orcish clan that had kidnapped me. On the morrow, the adventurers investigated the ruins.

The adventuring party strategically moved into the catacombs underneath the ruins, ready for the orc and goblin guards. During the fight, an orc and the dragonborn Alduin were a sight to behold. As Alduin moved in, ready for a fight, the orc was faster and planted a spear in Alduin's side. Alduin roared at the orc, grabbed the spear pulling it closer while knocking the orc away. The orc retreated into the corner of the room while one of the goblins planted a crossbow bolt in Alduin's right leg. This was followed by a javelin thrown by the scared orc, which planted itself in Alduin's other side. Alduin continued to roar while he swung his large axe at the quivering orc who found shelter in the corner of the room. Drawing another javelin, the orc fought to survive, but was badly wounded by Alduin who was pierced by a myriad of weapons. Finally, Alduin grabbed the orc, about to slay him, but the orc saw its escape. IT knocked Alduin away, dodged his way through the rest of the battle that was going on in the room, a battle that the adventurers were winning, and fled through the northern door. The warlock Balmung and the sorcerer Jenanso shot the orc in the back with magic, making its corpse fall down the stairs beyond the northern door.

After the battle, while recovering from their wounds, the adventurers discovered that they were in the catacombs of Castle Rivenroar. The half-elf Duskwalker scouted the halls beyond the three doors that lead to the tombs of House Useramen, House Rivenroar, and House Iaret. They decided to explore the catacombs where the ancestors of House Rivenroar lay, where the orc had fallen down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, the adventurers faced off two rage drakes, guarding the door to my cell. They were ready, or so they thought. Using magic, Karyn ensured that the drakes would fall asleep, so that Alduin and Duskwalker could run in and cut the throats of the guarding beasts. However, they were surprised. They had noticed that the room was covered in fungi, but they paid it no heed. The spores that Alduin inhailed made him fall unconscious before he could reach the creatures, and Duskwalker stepped on fungi that honked as loud as temple bells, waking up the beasts. Still, Belian quickly came upon his target and cut its throat before it rose from its magical slumber. The other, however, put up a fight before it was quickly felled by the rest of the party, including Alduin who quickly recovered from the fungus spores.

Beyond the door they found me, trapped and soiled within the magical runes. Alduin triggered it at first and quickly felt the pain of the magical barrier. The sorcerer Jenanso was wiser. He knew about the circle and quickly explained how it worked and how to disable it. With the help of my sister Karyn, I was quickly freed. We left the catacombs to rest at a distance from Castle Rivenroar, myself included after having been freed by Sinruth's Redspear Orcs.

Created 16 April 2013

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