Saving Andronsius

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Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias Thursday 25 April 2013 2.780 XP in 8 hours

My name is Tegan Nest and I’m from Highmoon. I came here a little over a week ago to work with the Bloodspear orcs who were holed up in the catacombs beneath the ruins of Rivenroar Castle, here in the Cairngorm Hills. The day of my capture I was standing guard outside the dwarf’s prison. The orcs had beaten him recently. They beat all the prisoners, especially since they weren’t long for this world. The spirits that reside in the catacombs need sustenance, which Sinruth provided through the captives from the caravan. The dwarf Andronsius, however, was usually beaten more often and more severely. The orcs clearly had a special distaste for the creatures from the Dawnforge Mountains.

As I said, I was set to guard his prison and thus stood outside in the rune room of the Iaret tomb. This place was lit up by these dangerous runes that lit up like candles and kept the dozens of small drakes that lived in the room at bay. The tomb had never been used. It had been built for House Iaret during the Ma’adim Empire, but the nation fell before the tomb was ever put to use, and thus the niches were all empty. This is where I stood, where I hid, when the four Ametian wizards came, led by that dragonborn warrior. I had taken cover in the darkness half way hidden in a niche, but they still saw me. At first they thought I was a prisoner and focused on the drakes that coalesced into two swarms that quickly surrounded the party and slowly pushed them back down the stairs. I entered the fray of combat, determined to protect my charge, determined that these adventurers should not save the dwarf. I failed. I even thought I could escape, but they had it cut off, I had nowhere to run, I had to surrender.

They rescued the dwarf by using the key I had on me, which I gave because they threatened me. I even drank from the fountain in the room to show them that it wasn’t poisonous. Something must have worked for they brought me out of the catacombs and into the forest. They brought me back to their camp that a half-elf, one of their companions by the name of Duskwalker, was guarding. This is where Thurann confronted the half-orc who had found refuge in the bushes and was whispering dark secrets. Thurann returned with a vile book in his hands. He called out for the dragonborn Alduin to fetch the half-orc Balmung but all we heard was struggling. Alduin returned to camp slightly beat up. The whole confrontation ended with Balmung coming charging out of the bushes and grabbing the book from Thurann, clearly scaring him in the process. It was all very strange.

We rested. I was sure that the orcs would send out patrols to recover Thurann and Andronsius, but they never came. The camp must have been too well hidden. Clearly the failure to recapture Thurann and Andronsius must have infuriated Sinruth, but our camp was safe during the night.

The next morning, Duskwalker and Andronsius remained in the camp and guarded me while the rest returned to the catacombs, determined to save the rest of the captives. I only heard about what happened down there and apparently it was terrible. The wizards charged into the orcish warren, fighting their way through half a dozen orcs and goblins. One of the goblins escaped, probably warning the rest of the Bloodspear orcs that the Ametian wizards had returned. One of the orcs suffered a gruesome death at the hands of Balmung the crazed half-orc. He started by sucking out the orc’s lifeforce, completely withering his chest. The vampiric embrace enraged the half-orc into a state of bloodlust making him fling himself upon the orc and starting to rip and eat the orc alive. I’m happy I wasn’t there, because upon Balmung’s return to the camp he was covered in blood. It must truly have been a horrible sight to behold, seeing an orc being eaten alive by a crazed half-orc. The fight wasn’t over though. There were two goblins, and as I mentioned one of them escaped while the other one was shot down by the wizards, but not before having taken down Alduin the dragonborn.

The goblins were fleeing down a hall with pits, using ropes to swing across. Alduin had come across one of the pits and to save him the wizards had to cross them as well. Balmung and Thurann fell down into the room below, the room with the fungus while Jenanso and Karyn attempted to revive Alduin but failed. They all came out of the catacombs and spent the rest of the day burying their friend. It wasn’t a traditional burial ceremony though. They were burying him so that others could return and bring his heavy body back to Winterhaven.

We travelled all night through the wilderness of the Cairngorm Hills, determined to avoid being hunted by the Bloodspear orcs. Everyone were sullen and sad. Not only had they lost one of their new friends, they had also left behind half a dozen prisoners to perish under the captivity of the Bloodspear orcs.

I was brought to the barracks in Winterhaven where I was thrown into a cell and am now being questioned. It’s been days since I’ve been here now. I’ve heard of what has happened, how House Padraig has invested in the resurrection of Alduin after his dragonborn companions had gone and recovered his body. I’ve heard it all and I’m certain this will have a powerful and negative political effect on the Ametian Alliance. I do not believe the dragonborns are friends and will ever be our allies. They are dangerous and will be the cause of our fall, maybe even before we begin our assault on the world of Aspenta.

Created 28 April 2013

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