Monastery of the Sundered Chain

Players Date Stats
Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias Saturday 25 May 2013 4.250 total XP in 12 hours

Part 1

I am not as well versed in spinning grand tales of epic adventures as my companion Torinn, however I am sure I can keep you entertained this evening. The story I have to tell is so fantastic in itself that I have no need of Torinn’s skills.

It all started one autumn morning where soldiers, mercenaries, and adventurers (including our merry band), were called to Caer Ovarlode to meet with the Council of Elders concerning the Call to Arms to defend against the Redspear Orcs that were coming from the east. We travelled to the centre of the city, which was filled more than usual because of the Call to Arms. We found our way into the large 200 feet high eight towered fortress known as Caer Ovarlode, the seat of government of this city that lay on the borderlands between the dwarven Kingdom of Dawnforge and the human Septarchy of Cimmeria. Once within the High Hall, five dwarves appeared on the 20 feet high dais and the youngest one stood forward and spoke.

“Welcome to High Hall friends. I am Elder Kildak. I don’t much see the point in bandying words, so I’ll lay it out for you. War is upon us. A great host of orcs comes from the east. Their intention is clear. They will come through the mountains bent on slaughter. Those they spare can look forward to a short life of slavery. Our scouts say that an army has gathered that now threatens both OVarlode and Bordinrak in the mountains. Thus, we turn to you brave souls to help defend not only Ovarlode, but also all of Cimmeria, and in turn Ametia.”

“When the orcs arrive, we’re certain they will come up through the pass. We know this because already there have been attacks from the tunnels below, compromising the stronghold. The defenders have fought back the savages, but it’s clear the rest are coming and fast.”

“So here’s the plan. General Dorki Forgeheart will lead the Ametian soldiers and most of you to bolster the stronghold of Bordinrak. Orc trailblazers infest the tunnels below, so we’ve tasked their security to the Farstriders. One more mission remains though. We need a group to evacuate the monastery in the mountains to the north. It’s dangerous work, what with the orcs and all, but the Thalonors (priests of Sharindlar) need a warning of what’s coming if they don’t know already. Do we have any volunteers?” These words set us out on our adventure, on the tale that I’ve begun, on the entertainment of this evening.

Everyone had errands in town, and thus we decided to meet up outside the eastern gate. A candlemark or two later we departed, travelling through the foothills of the Dawnforge Mountains lead by Karyn and Belian. These are known to be the largest mountains in all of the Eridanian Region, but they are no more than hills compared to the mountains in the Tharsis Region, and no more than a small bump compared to Mount Olympus. We have travelled more than many of our companions, and definitely more than Karyn who has only seen the area around Winterhaven. Thus she led us astray, and even with Balmung’s help she could not find her way to the dwarven monastery. It was Belian, our ranger, who led us to the Monastery of the Sundered Chain.

Upon our arrival, we could see smoke rising from the courtyard and Belian went ahead to scout out the area. He quickly returned with news that the monastery was overrun with Redspear orcs. Perhaps there was a chance that there were survivors within the temple itself, and thus we set in motion an attack plan. Belian attracted the orcs, getting them to chase him out of the courtyard so that we could bottleneck them and overwhelm them with the magic from our mages. We made quick work of the orcs and Belian continued his scouting.

He returned a second time with news that the temple was also overrun by Redspear orcs. However, the temple only had an orcish priestess desecrating the altar and he therefore decided to sneak in and assassinate her. His skills are uncontestable, for he sneaked in and made quick work of the defiling orc, but he had overseen the orcs on the balconies above, and when they started throwing javelins at him, he called for aid. We rushed in to help him while he took cover behind Sharindlar’s altar in the middle of the dancing hall while the rest killed off the orcs on the balconies. I hurried to Belian’s aid, to heal his wounds, and when I arrived at the altar, a secret passage opened up and half a dozen orcs poured forth. We fought until only the sergeant was left standing. From the balcony, our half-orcish mage jumped down, rolled on the ground, and with his powerful magical wand he slew the sergeant with his magics.

A third time Belian went scouting, and a third time he returned with word of Redspear orcs. They had completely overrun the monastery and killed all the Thalornors, most of them in their sleep. The secret passage led down to a large hall with sleeping chambers. A third plan of attack was devised, similar to the first one, and the orcs in the hall below were easily slain.

Our journey through the mountains had taken most of the day, and it was now getting night. Clearly the Redspear orcs had completely overrun the monastery. The hall continued into the depths of the mountain, most likely into the tunnels and passages of the underdark that leads into the dwarven Kingdom of Dawnforge. Somehow, the Redspear orcs knew of all of these passages and were trying to flank both Ovarlode and the stronghold of Bordinrak by using these passages. We had to close them, but we also had to warn the Council of Elders in Ovarlode. Belian was therefore sent away, to travel through the mountains at night so that he had a chance to warn the dwarves of Ovarlode ere dawn. The rest of us continued, pushing forward to find a means to close off the passage, so that we could ensure that the Redspear orcs wouldn’t use the monastery as a beachhead for their flanking strategy.

Part 2

Delving deeper led us to a large cavern with a series of steps that led into the darkness below. Orcs and drakes came charging towards us as soon as they noticed that we were coming. To be more accurate, only Sire Alduin, Karyn, and myself were present, the rest were busy looting the orcs and dwarves. Once everything was cleared we would clean out the monastery, and give a proper fiery burial to both the orcs and dwarves, burials blessed by Bahamut so that their souls would be protected by the Platinum Dragon on their journey to the afterlife.

Sire Alduin blocked off the stairs while Karyn fended off the flying drake before focusing her spells on the orcs coming up. I myself ensured the safety of our future grandsire. The sound of combat alerted the rest of the party, and reinforcements arrived. Since there were no threat of defeat, Sire Alduin charged forward, down the stairs towards the largest of the orcs and I followed. The dwarven steps, however, are much smaller due to their size, which meant that we lost our footing and fell off the edge. We tumbled down the side of the cavern and ended on a ledge, heavily wounded. The words of the Platinum Dragon is clear. Whenever in a dire situation where additional strength is needed, then draw that strength from your nearby companions. Sire Alduin and I therefore embraced to draw strength from each other before we started our climb up the side of the cavern. I lost my footing as I started to turn around and I don’t recall more.

I awoke the next morning in the hall above. The party had defeated the orcs, apparently with the help of Balmung’s prayers to Lithor, the Angel of Undeath. He had thrown the head of the previous orcish sergeant at the foot of the orcs, and the head had spoken with the voice of Lithor and commanded the grunts to turn against their leader. The leading orog, a half-orc and half-ogre, quickly slew his minions before turning on the rest of the party, but being outnumbered he was quickly defeated. Due to the extensive damage, the party had decided to rest for the evening, taking guard turns to ensure that no more Redspear orcs came up from the tunnels below, but none had shown.

After my morning prayers to Bahamut, we continued into the large cavern below, which led us into a dwarven forge. The forge had been completely destroyed and parts of it had collapsed. A Thalonor had clearly caved-in the tunnel beyond the forge to ensure that no more Redspear orcs would pour forth from the depths below, a dwarf who was now being tortured by a large orog who kept calling himself Og. His orc minions were all too busy witnessing the tortur of the dwarf that none saw us coming.

We surprised the Redspear orcs and fought our way through their numbers. Og and his priest of Tamae, however, were incredibly powerful. They were experienced, strong, and had powers that matched our own. After a long fight where Sire Alduin and I fought side by side against Og and his priest, we finally both fell to the blows from his long red spear. I used as much of Bahamut’s platinum light to keep us alive, but alas the force of Tamae was too strong in this dark place far beneath the sky from where Bahamut flies.

Luckily, our adventuring party has learned much during their travels and they were able to keep us both alive. Using some magic also meant that we regained consciousness. Unfortunately, they hadn’t been quick enough to defeat Og, however. We had failed in rescuing the dwarven Thalonor. He had been slain with Og’s last breath, and Og’s spear still lay pierced through the dead dwarf when I regained consciousness.

This is where our tale ends. We recovered as much as we could, buried as many of the dead as possible, giving them all a proper burial pyre in the name of Bahamut, and cleaned out the monastery the best we could. Then we departed, travelling through the mountains. Our journey back took nearly two days, mainly due to the heavy wounds that we had suffered, wounds that will leave scars for the rest of our lives. The dwarven priests had all been slain, including that one dwarf who had given his life to collapse the tunnel, a dwarf that we have brought back to Ovarlode for a grand burial ceremony. He had given his life to save not only Ovarlode and the stronghold of Bordinrak, but all of Cimmeria, and in turn Ametia.

Created 3 June 2013

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