Into the Vents

Players Date Stats
Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias Saturday 8 June 2013 3.250 total XP in 11 hours

“I yield, I surrender!” Irandi called out while throwing his short sword away. It’s clangs on the stone floor echoed through the dark dwarven passage. One of the large reptilian creatures pulled him up from the floor by his collar and smashed him against the wall to ensure he wouldn’t scuttle away again.

The elf came up to him, screaming “How do we kill the troll!”

“You must use fire and acid. Please, don’t kill me.” Irandi was shaking and truly hoping for the reptilians’ mercy.

“I have acidic glands, I can finish off the troll.” said the rusty red reptilian holding Irandi. “Balasar, come hold this vermin while we deal with the brute.”

Another reptilian, this one looking like an albino, walked forward and too hold of Irandi while the rest of the adventurers hurried back into the shrine dedicated to the dwarven angel at the end of the hall.

When they came back, after having defeated the troll, Irandi had no choice but to tell his tale if he wanted to live, so he started from the beginning.

It all started months ago. Members of my family and myself travelled from Highmoon to the Cairngorm Hills to seek out a powerful band of orcs with potential. We found Sinruth and his Redspear orcs in the ruins of Castle Rivenroar. We convinced him that we had come to give him weapons and tactical information in exchange for his aid in bringing about the downfall of the Ametian Alliance, making him believe that we strove towards bringing back the glory days of the Ma’adim Empire.

Sinruth didn’t believe that the Ma’adim Empire could be brought back, but he accepted our weapons and information, and agreed to attack key military locations as we desired. Our true goal is actually to strengthen the Ametian Alliance.

Ametia is a military alliance between such races as humans, dwarves, and elves. None of these can truly work together, and when the portal to the elemental chaos opens, our military forces will be devastated and the elementals will pour forth and destroy this world. My family wants to ensure that Ametia is ready and to strengthen the bond between the humans, dwarves, and elves.

Simply giving the Redspear orcs weapons would bring them no further than the Cairngorm Hills. Simply sending them south to attack the dwarven stronghold of Bordinrak would be sending them to their deaths. We therefore devised a cunning plan to truly threaten the Ametian Alliance, focing the humans, dwarves, and elves to work together in a military crisis, and clearly our plan has been worthwhile.

As the Redspear orcs marched on Bordinrak, the dwarves called out for aid from Ametia, specifically from human soldiers from the Cruls Plains and from elven forces from Winterbole Forest. Guess what, only the humans have answered the call, and without the elven forces, Bordinrak and the nearby city of Ovarlode will fall. Ametia is not ready to fight the elemental forces that will pour forth from the portal at the Maetia. What my family and I do, we do for the greater good, and Bordinrak and Ovarlode must fall to strengthen Ametia.

I was at the ruins of Castle Rivenroar and I travelled with the orcs south across the Eridanian Lake. We sailed up the river at the Sea of the Sirens on the east coast of the Electris Peninsula, following the river all the way into the Dawnforge Mountains. From there, we marched through the valleys towards the stronghold of Bordinrak, and with the information my family gathered, orc trailblazers were sent through the dwarven underground passages to flank the stronghold. Only the help from both the humans and elves would prevent Bordinrak’s fall.

I was recently sent with some of the last trailblazers. A number of passages seem to have been blocked off. The dwarves have safety measures in place to ensure that they can close off their underground kingdom from surface invaders. We have worked for many days to find the passage out, and we believe we are close to succeeding, especially since a dozen of our orcs passed through the last of the dwarven defences. These came running back though, fleeing from you.

You came to ensure that no Redspear orcs would flank the stronghold using these tunnels. From the ten orcs that were sent out to scout ahead, only four returned, the rest having been slain by a series of dwarven traps. They had seen you coming and had fled back to prepare us, but it seems the dwarven traps of ceiling crossbow turrets, animated arbalests, and the two iron defenders held you at bay. I can see that the elf there still looks in severe pain, as if some of his internal organs are still hemorrhaging. The large white reptile also looks wounded from the turrets. They do pack quite a punch I’ve been told.

I would look into the traps to ensure our forces safe passage, but I had to investigate the strange water locks in the previous chamber first. We set up defences, but you didn’t attack. Apparently the traps held you at bay, so I resumed my investigation of the water locks and the function of the boiling water. That’s when all hell broke loose.

You started to charge into the chamber, attacking my personal orcs. Those pesky fire beetles came scuttling up to feast, but luckily I had reinforcements inbound. It was a truly bloody fight. My orc sergeant had cut off the head of the half-elf Jen, but I heard that you cut him in two. Serves him right for his arrogance.

Anyway, a number of orcs had been distracted by trying to loot a small dwarven outpost, spartan rooms that now only housed a deadly and hidden cavern choker. I didn’t care, the choker could feast on them for all I care. I let them loot and hoped that their greed would be the end of them, but I guess you killed them instead of letting the choker finish them off.

That leads us to this shrine. I don’t care much for dwarven religion, and if the orcs wanted to defile the place, fine with me. For some reason, though, they had to bring that large hulking brute of a cave troll with them. They fed it the remains of the other adventuring party that we encountered when we arrived here first. The orcs were looking at their troll with a mix of fear and envy. It was truly horrible to see the large creature feast away at human flesh and defiling the shrine in such a manner.

That’s when you arrived, storming into the shrine, killing off my orcs and blinding the troll with your fiery breath. I turned into a rat again because it gives me the highest probability of escape, just like I did in the boiler room earlier. I evaded you all, until your own elf, or half-elf, or whatever, had to slow me down with his magic. That’s when I surrendered, and you know the rest.

It doesn’t matter in the end. We have proven that Ametia is not ready to open the portal to the elemental chaos at the Maetia. Besides, Sinruth and the main forces of the trailblazers will be here shortly. When he arrives, the orcs will pour forth into the Cruls Plains and flank the stronghold of Bordinrak. It’s only a matter of a few hours. Eventually, this place will be overrun with orcs. People will die yes, but the Ametian Army will come and reclaim the area, and eventually the alliance will either grow stronger and become ready for the elemental forces that will pour forth from the Maetia, or the alliance will dissolve and the Maetia will never be finished, ensuring the safety of this world for millennia to come.

Created 9 June 2013

Version 1.3.9