"It is the year 2013 FA (Fourth Age) in the world of Aresia where the human Septarchy of Cimmeria lies, ruled by the powerful wizard Nimozaran the Green. On the north-eastern borders, in the Cairngorm Hills, lie the village of Winterhaven. This is where the greatest heroes of Aresia found fame and fortune, and now it draws many new adventurers here in hopes that they too might find their destiny here."

Aresia is a mostly unexplored world, created for the 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. Under the map of the Eridanian Region below, is the available information concerning Aresia. Below are also interesting links.
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Rescue at Winterhaven
The Dragonborn Caravan Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias, Simone Friday 22 March 2013 1.650 XP 6 Hours Played 275 XP/Hour
Castle Rivenroar Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias Friday 12 April 2013 1.525 XP 7 Hours Played 218 XP/Hour
Saving Andronsius Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias Thursday 25 April 2013 2.780 XP 8 Hours Played 348 XP/Hour
The Siege of Bordinrak
Journey to Ovarlode Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias, Simone Saturday 11 May 2013 3.350 XP 9 Hours Played 372 XP/Hour
Monastery of the Sundered Chain (Part 1) Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias Saturday 25 May 2013 2.250 XP 8 Hours Played 281 XP/Hour
Monastery of the Sundered Chain (Part 2) Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias Saturday 25 May 2013 2.000 XP 4 Hours Played 500 XP/Hour
Into the Vents Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias Saturday 8 June 2013 3.250 XP 11 Hours Played 295 XP/Hour
The Nexus Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias, Nina Friday 21 June 2013 2.760 XP 7 Hours Played 394 XP/Hour
The Battle of Bordinrak Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias Saturday 29 June 2013 2.767 XP 7 Hours Played 395 XP/Hour
The Shadow Rift
The Street Skirmish Andreas, Kristijonas, Mathias Friday 5 July 2013 (Evening) 825 XP 3 Hours Played 275 XP/Hour
The Happy Beggar Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias Friday 5 July 2013 (Night) 700 XP 5 Hours Played 140 XP/Hour
Nutamina Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias Saturday 6 July 2013 4.725 XP 13 Hours Played 363 XP/Hour
The Foundry Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Mathias Sunday 7 July 2013 (Afternoon) 800 XP 2 Hours Played 400 XP/Hour
The Tower of Sorcery Andreas, Aske, Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias, Nina Sunday 7 July 2013 (Evening) 2.650 XP 3 Hours Played 883 XP/Hour
Sarshan Dioliar Nest Kristijonas, Liv, Mathias Sunday 7 July 2013 (Night) 2.150 XP 1 Hours Played 2.150 XP/Hour

Sessions Played (11 out of 59) Hours Played (94 out of 304) Average XP/Hour
Andreas (Bolkur/Belian) 15 = 25% (8 = 14% / 7 = 12%) 94 = 31% (40 = 13% / 54 = 18%) (280/73) XP/Hr
Aske (Balmung) 11 = 19% 90 = 30% 71 XP/Hr
Kristijonas (Jenanso) 11 = 19% 94 = 31% 81 XP/Hr
Liv (Karyn) 5 = 8% 39 = 13% 95 XP/Hr
Mathias (Alduin/Varis) 11 = 19% (11 = 19% / 0 = 0%) 94 = 31% (94 = 31% / 0 = 0%) 81 (81/0) XP/Hr
Nina (Ravalon/Sunder/Harmony) 39 = 66% (23 = 39% / 13 = 22% / 4 = 7%) 170 = 56% (107 = 35% / 55 = 18% / 11 = 4%) (136/317/1.210) XP/Hr
Simone (Quinthica) 2 = 3% 15 = 5% 77 XP/Hr


Aresia is a world inspired by Mars, with its name taken from Ares, the Angel of Fire and War. The geography of Aresia is my interpretation of a terraformed Mars, created from 2008 maps of Mars. The planet's geography is a mixture of Mars' with a change inspired from Earth's. However, most of Aresia is unexplored and many things have not yet been defined, such as whether the world is flat or round. The world of Aresia is home to a manmade wonder, the Maetia. This is a large magical structure built by a variety of races and countries, all members of the Ametian Alliance. The Maetia connects the world of Aresia to the Feywild and the Shadowfell. Once it is completely finished, it will connect every major country of Aresia along with the worlds of Aresia, the planes of the Feywild and Shadowfell, and the sister world of Aspenta, a world in elemental chaos ruled by Ithilba.

The central region shown above is known as Eridania. It is the home of the human Septarchy of Cimmeria, ruled by the powerful wizard Nimozaran the Green. The septarchy has been founded along the coasts of the Eridanian Lake, which is similar to the Mediterranean Sea, except that the lake is fresh water and not salt water. The entire region is a subtropical/temperate region. This means that there's a desert to the north, and a jungle even further north, near the Amazonian Bay in the Arcadian Sea. The west is an extremely mountaineous area, beyond which lies the Hesperian Plains. To the south lies the elven forest of Winterbole, beyond which are the Southern Plains, an icy mountaineous land known as Chronium, home to the Goliath, a race of half-giants. Beyond lies the South Pole. Finally the eastern parts of the Eridanian Lake is unexplored, but known as the Sea of the Sirens, which lies beyond the cursed Ma'adim Desert. The Ma'adim Valley has a canyon in the middle running south to north. This canyon lets the waters of the Eridanian Lake flow out into the Amazonian Bay to the north. It was once the home to the first civilizations of Aresia, but it is now a cursed desert from where only one man has ever returned.


The Ma'adim Empire was the first known land in the world of Aresia. It was an empire of various races that prospered along the Ma'adim Canyon. Not much is known about this empire, but when the last pharaoh of Ma'adim died, the empire fell into ruin. Explorers and settlers that had gone west learned of the fall of Ma'adim, but any who ventured back to the canyon never returned. The races were divided. The elves, dwarves, and halflings refused to follow the line of kings, and left the humans to rebuild a new kingdom, the land of Cimmeria, west of Ma'adim. More than three centuries have now passed, and not much is known of the history of Aresia, especially not earlier than the beginning of the Fourth Age. However, Cimmeria flourished for centuries after the fall of the Ma'adim Empire. About a hundred years ago, however, a fierce horde of orcs known as the Bloodspears came over the hills from the ruins of the Ma'adim Empire and swept through Cimmeria, causing the Bloodspear War.

In recent years, the various lands of Aresia have joined forces with the land of the Cordell in the Feywild and the land of Daedaloth in the Shadowfell in a military alliance known as Ametia. The goal of this military alliance is to remove the temporal elemental threat from the sister world of Aspenta and retake what is believed to be the birthplace of all life. Currently, the Ametian Alliance is building a great wonder known as the Maetia. This structure will connect the worlds of Aresia and Aspenta, enabling the Ametian Alliance to send military troops to the sister world of Aspenta.

Magic and Psionics

Magic and spellcasters have always been rare on Aresia. Only elves and the line of kings have ever mastered magic. After the fall of the Ma'adim Empire, human descendants of elves have also mastered magic, and all others are believed to have royal blood, making them part of the line of kings and nobles.

In recent years, prosperity has reigned over the lands of Aresia, opening up various opportunities. Exploration of the surface world goes slowly, since there doesn't seem to be much interest. However, exploration of the depths of the Underdark has revealed strange new races. Some of these races have shown psionic abilities. More and more surface races now seek to master these psionic abilities and thus either ventures into the Underdark or seek to hire these strange new races as mentors.


Legends has it that the world of Aresia is flat, but the edge of the world has not yet been found, and may actually not exist. Furthermore, some say that Ma'adim wasn't even the first kingdom. Legends tell of the Order of the Moon. Nothing is known about this order, however, but it is believed that Ma'adim and magic was created by members of the Order of the Moon.

Furthermore, it is also believed that the sirens to the east divide Cimmeria from a land of dragons. If the dragons ever learned of Cimmeria and the riches and magics of the dwarves and elves, the dragons would clearly invade, trying to gather the treasures of the mortal races. It is also believed that it is from here that orcs and trolls originate.

Most recent tales tell of the Heroes of Winterhaven, who fought hordes of goblins and wolves in order to defend the land of Cimmeria from both the Shadowfell and ravaging diseases. This band of heroes have uncovered great secrets that has shaken Cimmeria. More about the Heroes of Winterhaven can be found here

The most recent events that will later fall into myth and legend, are the tales of various groups of heroes that have united, not only Eridania, but the planes themselves. The Heroes of Winterhaven inspired others to greatness, and together these various groups gathered the forces of Cimmeria in Aresia, the Cordell in the Feywild, and Daedaloth in the Shadowfell, uniting them in an alliance now known as Ametia. The goal of the alliance is to drive back Ithilba's elemental forces from Aspenta, and retake a world that is rumoured to have been the source of all life. Currently, Ametia is building a great wonder known as the Maetia. This structure will connect the worlds of Aresia and Aspenta, enabling the Ametia to send military troops to the sister world of Aspenta.

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